Supporting Organizations in the Development of High Performing Workforces

Madison McEwan & Associates  is uniquely different in that our team of professionals recognize the complexity of any given team dynamic.  Success is first contingent upon the professional and emotional growth and development of each individual.  Whether it is expressed or not, each individual not only has a responsibility to pull their own weight, but to also create unity and cohesiveness into their team dynamic.  Without the clarification of roles and responsibilities, as well as the trust and synergy between employee and employer team members,  there will oftentimes be what we have coined as the FIVE “Ds” Discontent, Disorganization, Disrespect, Disruption and if behaviors are not corrected there will ultimately be Destruction of the fabric of the team.  Madison McEwan & Associates’ philosophy first centers around strengthening the character and emotional intelligence of each individual so true foundation of synergy can be created.  Thus, traditional organizational development approaches can be implemented in a more cohesive, selfless, and balanced environment.